Share your Holiday photos to your loved ones who are not on Facebook

During the time of Christmas Eve to New Year billions of photos are shot all over the world.

How can you distribute your photos from Facebook, Instagram or Flickr to family members and friends who are not using one of those social networks?

Share with from Facebook to anywhere

Today the share of smartphones replacing a separate camera is increasing sharply.

The days of shooting pictures and taking care of how to get them on your laptop, sorting, ranking and tagging them until finally distributing them to familiy members or friends are passing.

More and more apps are available that take care of getting your photos from your smartphone to another place.

Dropbox, iCloud and other cloud storages are competing to making this a seamless experience to fill their storage space with pictures.

Facebook, Instagram and Flickr get more and more integrated to smartphones.

One problem remains: 

How about sharing photos sent from your smartphone to a cloud storage or a social network to people you want to share but who are not a member of Facebook or using Instagram and Flickr. offers a seamless possibility to distribute your photos from sources like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Dropbox and Google Drive with a Beam.

The people you want to share with can choose how they will receive your photos. offers many possibilities of getting photos.

Follow Photos with

Each time you are adding a photo to an album on Facebook and Flickr or to Instagram it will be pushed instantly to the service people following your Beam have chosen.

Happy Beaming! Happy Hoidays!

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